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September 21st     8:15 pm

September 21st     4:22 pm

Anonymous: I wanted to let you know that I've followed you for a while now and you make me smile ear to ear. You are so beautiful and funny and I just wanted you to know that. <3

whaaaat 😍 omg thank you, you are so sweet 😘❤🌺

September 21st     3:47 pm

September 19th     1:12 pm

September 19th     8:35 am


Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.
Heathers (1988)

September 19th     6:08 am


"Bae caught me slippin’…"

September 18th     8:07 pm

Australian: making my way down town
Australian: walking fast
Magpie: aggressive bird noises
Australian: walking faster

September 18th     7:21 pm


Blood shot mornings in Nicaragua by jayalvarrez

September 18th     3:29 pm

September 18th     1:41 am

September 17th     11:27 pm


Just married!
This is Vivian (91) and Alice (90), and they just got married. They’ve been dating for 72 years, and together they have visited all 50 US states, all the provinces of Canada, and been twice to England. Quote Alice: “We’ve had a good time”.

September 17th     10:33 pm

September 17th     11:26 am


Lupita Nyong’o for Dazed and Confused Magazine

September 17th     11:11 am

September 16th     6:56 am


With Halloween on the horizon, here is Angie Jordan with an important message.
Yes, I’m re-blogging myself.