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Nour | 21 | Canberra/Melbourne | (L)GBT

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September 2nd     1:39 pm

I’m kind of sad about something but I’m too embarrassed to talk about it 😔

September 1st     8:08 pm

September 1st     6:24 pm

myfriendscallmekazzy: How are you Ross


September 1st     5:51 pm


I think I’ve outdone myself. One cute chinchilla in a cup kissing another cute chinchilla in a cup on the nose. And now I’m going to bed.

September 1st     3:38 pm

the doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there

August 31st     9:34 pm

August 31st     9:20 pm

I just want a cute girl to go on road trips with and go camping with and go exploring with.

August 31st     7:48 pm

August 31st     1:52 pm

I want to be so hot I make straight girls question their sexuality and straight guys kick themselves that I’m gay

August 31st     12:47 am


Life is better when you go outside. Great photo from @capilanosuspensionbridge. If you’re in Vancouver, BC stop by and shop new Woolrich product. #woolrich1830 #woolrich #labordayadventure by woolrichinc

August 30th     6:54 pm

August 30th     6:06 pm

*kissy face emoji*

August 30th     6:04 pm

August 30th     5:00 pm

August 30th     2:21 pm


Was driving in my car, when i just had to stop to take this pic