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August 1st     3:06 pm


Tattoo done by Annie Frenzel.

August 1st     2:52 pm

my mums like ‘I didn’t know you only brought one bra with you, I just put it in the wash… here, wear mine, it’s new I haven’t worn it yet’ thanks mum, your 14DD bra fits me like a glove 😒

July 31st     3:12 pm



July 31st     3:08 pm


Susanne Konig

July 30th     10:50 pm

missed ya 😘 #brunswick #melbourne

July 30th     10:49 pm

new kitchens give me life 😌

July 30th     9:25 pm

I think I’ve said this before but I really hate when straight people come out as straight because ‘gay people shouldn’t be the only ones who have to deal with the pressure of coming out’

like I appreciate what you’re trying to do but you’re coming out in a society where you’re considered normal, with the security of knowing no one is going to hate you/disown you/abuse you for your sexuality

it’s okay to not understand something you’ve never had to experience but please don’t pretend you do

July 30th     10:35 am

maybe broom broom will be our forever 👭💏

July 28th     10:42 pm

July 28th     7:31 pm


Santorini Style Lobster Spaghetti…Click here for more food inspiration!.

July 28th     5:35 pm

July 28th     10:30 am


Cy Twombly
Returning from Tonnicoda, 1973

July 27th     10:14 pm

July 27th     8:38 pm

Muslim: So, you'll be there at 9:15, right?
Other Muslim: inshallah.
Muslim: *not sure if yes or no*

July 27th     7:16 pm